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The Finger -- Northwest Independent Press

9/11/08 09:37 pm - spokanediy - new issue - 18.1!

A new issue of the Finger is out! This issue, 18.1, was printed as a short run of 50 copies and comes with a 17 band compilation CD-R.

Topics include demonstrations at the Port of Olympia, local farms recovering from flooding, power tool races, band interviews and more.

Bands on the compilation include Flee the Century, Small Sur, Cataldo, Paleo, Mathematicians, Polka Dot Dot Dot, Ramona Córdova, Johanna Kunin, Briana Marela, Please Step Out of the Vehicle, Adam Jessup, Shelby Turner, Finn Riggins, World History, PWRFL POWER, Queen of Refuse, and Moustaches.

In weeks forthcoming, the Finger 18.2 will be released with a larger print run and extra pages.

For more information, please email thefinger@forsleepwalkers.com or visit thefinger.forsleepwalkers.com.

7/12/07 04:11 am - spokanediy

With ink on our fingers, we're pleased to announce that issue number seventeen is here! It's a split with an experimental community art project, Matryoshka. The print portion also includes a compilation CD tucked inside, with music by bands/artists from all over Washington. further info here!Collapse )

5/12/07 09:16 pm - spokanediy

Hi! Welcome to a new community for the Finger! Since the publication extends beyond Spokane these days, it seemed like a good time to make a community that more accurately reflects what this is all about!

Some news: the next issue of the Finger will be a split with another project called Matryoshka. The split will also come with a CD of music from the Northwest! We're pretty excited about it. Artists confirmed so far are Bow + Arrow, June Madrona, Yes Please, Eli Moore, Jordan O'Jordan, and Queen of Refuse. All so good! More to come soon!

If you're interested in contributing art, writing, photography, or music, please send submissions to matryoshka@forsleepwalkers.com. The deadline for music is May 16, and for the print portion is May 20.
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